Sunday, March 28, 2010

Boksburg Stadium

There were some great performances from the juniors at Boksburg stadium.

Bradley had a superb run to win the mens course by 9 seconds. Stephanie came 2nd on the womens course with Zoe coming 3rd. Jess L also had a good run finishing in 4th place. Well done guys! Check out the splits here

The junior fundraising competition was based on the fastest split to the 1st control. Steph did a great job getting over 50 people to enter. She then went and beat most of them to win the chocolate on the womens course. Kevin Reeves had the fastest split on the mens course followed by Dylan and Garry. They had all gone home so Craig was next in line. Thanks to everyone who entered.

Thanks to some hot weather and a good turn out we had a great day of fundraising. Thanks for buying raffle tickets and supporting the tuck shop. Hope you enjoyed your egg and bacon rolls.

Next up is Western Cape Champs. Some of the Junior squad is heading to the Cape on the 9th of April. Keep a look out for the results.

Junior squad Training - Hennops

The juniors had a training session at Hennops 4x4 on the 27th of March. Coach Nic was out of town, but manager Alex put together a good session.
The first exercise focused on attack points and traffic light O'. Exercise 2 was a course on a contours only map and the last exercise was a window O' to work on compass skills and distance judgment. Brian took some cool photos while we were training.

Thanks to Garry for putting out controls and helping us out. Thanks to Alex for a good session.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


The junior squad didn't have their finest day at Derdepoort. Quite a few juniors had other commitments so didn't come. And those that were there were either injured, sick, got disqualified or had average runs. Great runs by the senior women didn't help.

Steph managed 3rd place with Salome coming 5th.

The sprint finish competition was well supported. The aim was to get the 5th fastest time, out of the people that entered the competition, on the 70m finish sprint. On the mens course Ian was 5th. Jenny got the chocolate on the womens course which just shows that you don't have to be super speedy to win. Thanks to everyone that entered!

Once again thank you to everyone who bought food and drinks. And a BIG thanks to our mommies and daddies for their continuous effort to raise funds.

Friday, March 12, 2010


The juniors did superbly at the Tshwane University of Technology.

The open gate which was marked as uncrossable on both the mens and womens courses caused a bit of debate but it was decided that, that split should be removed. This was good news for most of the juniors as quite a few would have been disqualified. The final results can be found here.

On the mens course Brad took his first short course win. Mike wasn't far behind in third. Coach Nic managed 6th.

On the womens course Salome came 2nd with Steph coming 3rd. Sarah finished 6th. Jess H was 7th. Jess L was 8th and Zoe finished 9th.

Kevin Reeves and Zoe won the finish sprint competition. Kevin's time of 46 sec for 160m (I think) uphill was really impressive.

Thanks to everyone who supported the fundraising efforts.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Junior Squad Training 2

On the 28th of Feb we had a training session at Wits University. Nicholas planned 3 fun exercises.

The first used a campus map with a course of 8 controls. We had to look at an individual leg for 10 seconds, then draw from memory what we thought was important on blank paper about 20 meters away. It tested our memory skills as well as the ability to recognize the important information off the map. Then to we had to run the course using our self-drawn map! Lots of fun for those who could decipher their scribbles.

Next was a map memory exercise in pairs. 1 person leads for a leg, the other follows with the map and memorises the next leg, passing the map to other person at each control.

The last exercise was Micro-O control picking around the Wits Club. Nic created a continual loop around the buildings with 14 controls. This meant that 4 people could start at a time at a line cross-over. The exercise was good speed work and quick map reading training.Thanks to Nicholas and Alex for a great session and to Michelle for helping out. It was also good to have Cindy, Brian, Derek and Christie training with us.