Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Junior Squad Training - Protea ridge

On Sunday, 23rd of May the juniors had an afternoon training session at Protea Ridge. We did a contours only control picking exercise followed by corridor O'.
Below is the map with Sarah's GPS track from the corridor O'

Thanks to Nic and Alex for putting on a worthwhile session.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Gauteng Champs- Long

We were back at Hennops on Sunday morning for the long. Running on 1:15'000 maps and a few tired legs made the day rather interesting. The juniors had some superb results, but there were also a few casualties and non-finishers.

There were no Juniors on the M21 course so it was up to Coach Nic and Manager Alex to do well. They did just that taking 1st and 3rd place respectively.

On M20 J.P took gold to finish off a great weekend and gained some valuable experience on his course.

The junior girls impressed on the W21 course with Sarah only a minute behind Tania and Jess L a few seconds behind in 3rd.

Steph continued her good form winning W20 by a fair margin. Zoe finished 3rd.

It was also great to see strong competition in the younger categories with Heather Wimberly, Christie Courtnage, Laura Troost, Josh De Klerk, Roark Robinson and Timothy Chambers all doing well.

Once again, THANK YOU to everyone who supported the fundraising efforts.

Gauteng Champs-Middle

On Saturday afternoon we headed out to Hennops Farm; a new map by Dave Peel. The terrain was very rocky and few enjoyed the slow going. There were some smooth runs from the juniors in their various categories.

Steph led the W20's home with Jess H in 2nd and Zoe 4th.
In the M20 category J.P had a very good run to take gold.

Jess L, Sarah and Salome did W21. Sarah was 2nd, just over a minute behind Tania. Jess L was 4th on the course. Salome is walking at the moment due to her injuries.

Nicholas, Alex, Mike and Anthony were on M21. Nic and Alex finished in the medals. Mike was 9th and Ant was 13th.

Check out Nic's map and route here.

Thanks to the mom's who spent the whole day fundraising and to everyone who supported us!

SA Sprint Champs

Pretoria Boys was a great venue for the first South African Sprint Championships. The course planning was also good making the event a huge success.

Results on the men's course:
1) Dylan 18:58
2) Nic 19:32
3) Alex 19:39
10) Mike 22:26
12) J.P 23:14
13) Ant 23:59

Women's results:
1) Tania 22:16
2) Margaret 22:54
3) Sarah 23:21
4) Steph 23:48
5) Jess L 24:31
7) Jess H 25:47
8) Zoe 26:27

Monday, May 10, 2010

Junior Training Camp

The juniors and a few seniors headed to Belfast from the 7th to 9th of May for a great weekend of training.We all arrived quite late on Friday so just had a quick refresher theory session before heading to bed. Saturday saw us doing 2 morning sessions: Traffic light O' at Vlakplaats then we ran a course we had planned at the Ruins. Jeremy gave a talk on Periodisation and Training after lunch then we headed to Langkloof for a Window O' / control picking exercise. We also did some night O' at Middeldam. Supper was followed by a talk from Garry on Thierry's 'Visionary Head-Start' approach.
On Sunday we did a map memory course in pairs. The annual star relay was next. Jess H won for the second year in a row, this time with Nico as her team mate.

If you want to have a look at the maps, here is a link to Nic's AP log.

Thank you to Nic for a great weekend of training and to the seniors who put out controls and helped us out. Thanks to the SAOF for making the weekend possible.

A HUGE thanks to Denise for feeding us all!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Dullstroom weekend

The Green family put in the highest bid to secure the weekend away. Thank you to Jeremy for the support and to everyone else who put forward their bids.

A huge thank you to Glen Comins and Glen Terry for donating the weekend away to the Junior squad to raise funds. We really appreciate it!

Protea Ridge

The colour coded season got off to a great start at Protea Ridge. The long grass and magnetic rock made the challenging courses all the more tricky.

Sarah won the blue course. Here is her map. Salome, Steph and Jess H also did blue. Mike had a good run on Brown finishing 6th and Zoe was first lady on Green. J.P also did the green course. It was good to junior squad members of the future doing well. Christie and Heather has good runs on their courses.