Sunday, August 3, 2008

Long O Champs at Gerotek

The W16 girls thought their course was a bit short, at about 3.6km. Salome won it in a fast 40 odd minutes. Well done! Here is a picture of the W16 course. Sarah drew her route in blue pen before it was scanned. Alex drew what he thought would be the best route in bright blue. Its pretty similar to Sarah's.
Dylan got hold of a W20/M50 map and drew what he thought the best route would be:
Brad was the only one of the Juniors on course 4. Despite the lack of competition he had a good time.
Well done to the Juniors who finished the M12 and W12 courses

And meanwhile, back at the start/finish area, Karen was practising her best teacher impression...
...And Alex was about to have a Chicken Burger. Thanks to the moms for making it another successful fundraising event.

And thanks to everyone for supporting us!

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