Tuesday, June 30, 2009


The juniors arrived in Italy on Friday after a stop over in Dubai.

We stayed in Camping Fusina for two nights. On Saturday we spent the day in Venice. We are now staying in a house near the training areas. The Germans will be joining us in our house shortly and the Canadians and Americans are staying just down the road.

We are doing two training sessions a day. Yesteray we did two middle sessions. The climb to the start of the second session was insane. The views are spectacular and we can see snow on some of the mountains.

This morning we did a sprint session followed by a middle training this afternoon.
We are having a great time and are getting to know some of the other teams.

We'll put some maps up as soon as we can.


Peter said...

good to hear from you.Some pics from Venice and the accommodation would be nice. Peter

Alex said...

Sarah says they have to drive to another town to get internet access. Apparently the roads are steep! Hopefully connectivity will improve when the competition starts.

Peter found the NZ blog here: http://nzjwocsquad2009.blogspot.com/
Check out that middle map! Looks steep!

N said...

We're currently staying in a Swiss-type mountain chalet on top of a pass. Zero internet access there and zero everything else. Trying to get access to anything is a mission, as Italian working hours are 9-12am and 4-7pm. They love their siestas!

Coach N

Val said...

Siestas sound good, especially after hard training !!!. Enjoy, you are extremely lucky.