Wednesday, October 28, 2009

GOC relay

AR club organized a brilliant inter-club relay. The spectator control made it fun to watch and Saint Stithians was a great venue. It was fast but had a few tricky sections.

In the junior category Josh, Zoe and Jess H were the fastest team. The second junior team contained Jess L, Heather and Christie. Salome and Steph were in the winning woman's team:
Mike ran a good first leg to help the Witsoc team come 2nd overall. Sarah ran for the ROC open team which came third and Brad ran the last leg for RACO's open team:

It was good to see the mothers fundraising, preparing for next year. Denise was also a rather active supporter:
So a good showing from the juniors at the last major O' event of the year. Hope to see everyone at the GOC lunch, Rogaine, MTB-O and most importantly the Christmas event!

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