Saturday, April 17, 2010

Western Cape Champs

Most of the JWOC team travelled down to the Cape for WCOC. We stayed in a hotel in Hermanus and hired 2 small cars. Our Ferrari Red Hyundai Atos was sponsored by Jeremy Green. Thanks Jeremy!

It wasn't all about running in the forests. We went to the beach, did a bit of shopping and had a braai.The Orienteering, however, was the highlight of the weekend. The team had some great results and gained valuable experience. Both days were at Lebanon South
The middle event was fast with a winning time of 32mins on the 5.2km M21 course. Coach Nic was 2nd behind international Tobias Tritschler. Manager Alex was 3rd. Brad did well coming 4th. The ladies ran a 4.5km course. Margaret won. Sarah had a good run coming second. J.P ran M20. He took gold in his category. Roark won M16 and Laura won W16. The splits are here. Nic's map is here and Sarah's map is here. Jess was snapped running in the forest by Alvin Ward:
The long distance event was on Sunday morning. The girls decided to run W21 which was a 9.2km course. Salome had a great run to come second. Jess and Sarah weren't too far off the pace. The 10.6km M21 course was won by Nic. Alex was 4th and Brad finished 5th. Roark once again won M16 and Laura won W16. The splits are here and Nic's map is here.
So all in all it was an awesome weekend. PENOC put on a super event and we all gained some more experience.

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