Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Barracks Sprint Map

Today was almost a rest day. Everyone has worked hard over the weekend. We had an easy run on the barracks map. It wasn't very technical. The focus was on the 1:4'000 scale and having a trouble free run.

We'll have the afternoon to do some typical tourist things – we're off to the east coast.

The rest of the week will look like this: Middle and Long training on Wednesday, LEGOLAND on Thursday, Relay training on Friday, Model events over the weekend.


Val said...

Enjoy the sightseeing

Peter said...

Enjoy the break and let the legs recover a bit after some heavy training. Would be interested to have a comparison to the swedish barracks ( no Latvian girs sharing...)

Alex said...

The Danish army is better off than the Swedes... en-suite bathrooms, really good food (pork, chicken or fish tonight). The Swedish base had a better sprint map tho

Dylan Hemer said...

So I hear from a source in the neighbouring room that you are not sharing with the pretty lativians again. What sort of organising is that...im disappointed