Monday, July 2, 2012

Long Times Two

Today brought another super hot training day with the temperature reaching 34 degrees, luckily it was a 90m drive so the aircon was on full blast.
Our first long training session for the day was in the forest with us getting used to the karst terrain. It was very technical but we seemed to get into it after a few controls. The depressions put our depressions to shame with a shallow depression looking like one of ours.
Our second long training session for the day took us out the "kind of cool" forest and out into the open area karst terrain which turned out to be a lot more technical. They are obviously more adventurous people with there semi-light green looking rather close to our dark green.
Spiders in the forest are also rather irritating with their webs sticking to everything but luckily they are not big enough to encourage the well known South African shreaks ;)
Been learning how to play tarrot cards with the Slovinean guys and now we got a game of "Bullshit"going with a few countries.
By Jess :)


peter hemer said...

sounds like fun.
When are you going back to the long area?

Sarah said...

We've got a long training session tomorrow morning and then the long model on Saturday.