Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Today we ran in some legit middle distance terrain, its really awesome doing downhill orienteering. We had 180 metres of climb to the start.

Salome and the youth team have arrived and settled in. The weather was pretty kak today, and with Salome arriving a bit later than expected, so our planned sprint session was binned. We all just went for a bit of a run around Hradec, close to our hotel. 

Only 6 days till the Long!


iPengo said...

Hope the rest of the week's training has been going well and you're all getting the hang of the terrain.

Just wanted to wish you all a great JWOC. I hope you all achieve your goals. Remember to enjoy it!


Jeremy Green said...

so how has the rest of the week been? looking for some stuff to read. how did the runs go?