Thursday, July 2, 2015

Day 11:

Another early morning (well 7 seems early for us).

We were off to Oslo again for the 3rd and final day of the Norsk O festival- the long distance. When Sigmund came to pick us up he surprised us with some very cool Indre Ostfold orienteering shirts. Unfortunately we hadn’t given him our South African shirts yet but we had two especially lined up for both Sigmund and Jorgen which we gave them later in the day.

We had high hopes for this race, well this was our chance to a bit better. There would be plenty of running and nice open, white forest which had us all a bit excited. All except Dylan, who realised on the two kilometre warm-up run to the start that his Achilles wasn’t up for it.
Roark started first. His run was a bit hit and miss. He had relatively good route choices but slow execution and didn’t find enough attack points along the way.
Tim navigated well between controls, but managed to mess up a few controls when nearby (in the circle), so his run was not very good either.

After our races , Dylan headed off to see some family in Oslo and spent the day wandering the city and eating moose while Roark and Tim went for a bit of tour of Oslo with Sigmund and Jorgen ,1st visiting the very impressive ski jumping “hill” and then the equally impressive Opera house where we got to see some great views while walking on its roof.

It was then back to Einar-bru, but not without a stop in Mysen for another one of Norway’s largest pizza’s. Once back, the rest of our evening was spent watching Arrow, washing clothes and packing.

Moment of the day: Tim: “I think it’s time to wake up” (at 3:30 am). Roark then proceeds to wake up and wonder into Tim’s room to get the key. “Why are you awake, it’s 3 am” (with no recollection of 5 minutes earlier.

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