Thursday, July 6, 2017

JWOC 2017 Finland - Day 4

The morning greeted us with a chilly vengeance and with much self motivation, we emerged from the warm embrace of our beds to begin our day. Today's drive was about 45 minutes and Sarah finally seems to have gotten the hang of driving here: we drove on the correct side of the road the whole time and didn't miss the turn we had missed twice already.

Training today was on a long relevant map which meant 1:15000 (Queue collective groan). The main issue with the 1:15000 we found was that reading detail, especially within the circle, was virtually impossible without physically stopping. Coach Sarah had planned a course which consisted of some short and some long legs. We all started off strong with only a few major blunders (not to mention any names... Carl... doing over 2 km to the second control and had to revisited the start). The map was considered the most technical of all the training maps but we all seem to have handled it considerably well with all of us commenting that we had managed to get into the map by the end of the session. Overall, it was a good session besides from a few drops of rain and Christie being attacked by a vicious tree that managed to stab her in the eye.

Once finished the training, we thought we would stick to our lunchtime tradition and eat next to a lake. After the attempted murder of a teddy bear (we drove into a residential area to try and get closer to the lake and Sarah almost drove over a teddy bear in someones garden) and the rain threatening to pour down, we decided to abort that plan and retreat to the warmth and comfort of our accommodation.

After lunch and a well deserved nap, we decided that it was time to 'tourist it up'. We took a trip into Tampere and visited the Central Square and Cathedral which lead to some traumatic experiences with the parking metres. We also visited a cafe that is renowned for its donuts and of course had to sample the donuts.

On returning from being tourists, we did our daily dose of yoga on the pier. On the menu tonight was Spaghetti Bolognaise, where Christie shed a few tears for our lost onions that had to be sacrificed.

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