Thursday, July 3, 2008

Hot day, not so hot from the South Africans

It was hot and sunny today in Gothenburg. We had the same start venue as yesterday, but used a more technical western part of the map. Here is Dylan sprinting into the finish.
After a decent run from Alex yesterday, he was the 6th starter in the B final. Unfortunately he didn’t click and had two big mistakes. The rest of the controls would be classified minor mistakes. There was more fine contour detail today. He finished in 49:38 in 57th (and last - boo) place. Another one of those learning experiences. A South African finally got a mention by the commentators: “And here we have Pope, Alex Pope, in a time of ... um ... oh ... um ... 49 minutes.” We think the high speed finish had him thinking it was going to be a competitive time.
Dylan ran the C final and also had ‘below par’ run. He finished in 38:10 and in 41st. He had one big mistake and thinks he had a total of 10 minutes of mistakes.
Anyway, Swede Johan Runesson, the men’s silver medallist from the Sprint distance became the Middle Distance World Champion. Venla Niemi of Sweden won the ladies A final.

Now we have a rest day before the Long Distance race. We're expecting a hot and tough race.
Good luck to the WOC team who are leaving for Czech Republic soon. Look out for their blog...

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