Monday, July 28, 2008

Ruin(ous) detail at Doornpoort

We're going to try and make this a regular thing. We will put up some stuff to help the Juniors analyse their races.

Yesterday we headed north of Pretoria to a brilliant new map made by the van Hoepen's. Salome helped with the map, so she couldn't race. Well done!

All of the Junior's except Dylan were on the Green course, so we should be able to do some good analysis.

Firstly, the splits for the green are on Attackpoint here

Secondly: Peter asked Gary de Klerk to draw in his version of the ideal route for the Green course. Thanks Gary!Finally: Alex wore his GPS. He was walking/jogging around the course. He had a slight wobble at #1, but otherwise spiked everything. He just beat the girls, perhaps due to some more daring route choices. They should have been going faster than him on the day :-)
Here is a link to Motionbased, where you can see the route combined with Google Earth pictures.

The moms were out in force once again with a spread of muffins, biscuits and hot drinks. Thanks!

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Peter said...

Good to see this up and running and hope the Juniors use it.