Sunday, August 2, 2009

JWOC wrap-up part 2

At last some interesting photos from our trip:

Our 9 our stop over in Dubai not only saved us some money, but it also produced some funky photos:
While in Venice we came across some extremely friendly pigeons:
It rained at least once a day:
But the sun would come out soon after, giving Jess and Salome a chance to work on their tan
Salome bought a ball (the orange thing in the picture below) which she called Bruce. Bruce provide us with hours of entertainment.
On our rest afternoon during the training week we found plenty to do. Stephanie's hair straightener worked overtime:
An example of the breathtaking sights that we saw:

A compass made of flowers! This was outside the library were the opening and closing ceremonies took place as well as the medal ceremonies.

One of the best action shots:

Brad having just punched the last control in the Sprint.
That's all for now. I still haven't seen everyone's photos so there might be some good ones to come. Thanks to Zoe who took a million photos. She didn't miss anything, except as far as I know no one managed to get a picture of us in our party outfits.

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