Tuesday, August 18, 2009


The middle distance courses at Gerotek East were tricky but fun. The long grass, thorns, steep banks and the odd speeding vehicle make it interesting. The juniors, who made it to the event, had good performances.

Salome was the first lady on Brown. She ran a good time of 1 hour 18 minutes. Jeremy was the first male on Brown in 48 minutes. Jess L was the first lady on Blue. Micheal Crone had a brilliant run to win the Blue course. He even beat some of the pro's like team manager Richard and Pat. Zoe did green and was the first lady. J.P and Ropafadzo also successfully completed the green course. Christie did well on Light Green and was the second female not far behind Kim Raban.

Below are pictures of Salome and Mike getting their prizes. Salome opted for the usual chocolate while Mike got a well deserved packet of chips:
So the juniors dominated the courses taking quite a few wins. Well done guys!

Thanks to everyone who bought hotdogs.

Hope the sick juniors get better soon, good luck to Jess for her Prelims and hope to see EVERYONE at the next event.

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