Wednesday, September 2, 2009


The last normal colour coded race of the season was a tough one. The planners put on some good courses, but a few misplaced controls and the maze of ruins made it challenging. Stephanie handled the conditions brilliantly and was the first lady on the blue course. Well done Steph! Sarah and Salome also tackled the blue course but neither of them were very successful. Mike had a reasonable run on blue finishing in the middle of the field.

Jess H and Zoe ran the green course. Jess H was the first lady home.

Nicholas, who has just returned from WOC , won the brown course. He was wearing his cool new GPS so we can see exactly where he went. Check out his route below and read what he thought of his run here.
Next up is the Mountain Marathon and in 3 weeks time it's SA champs!

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