Thursday, June 28, 2012

Soggy maps and soup

We arrived safely in Kosice yesterday afternoon. A dude met us at the airport and took us to our accommodation - a university res. It's decent - better than last year at least. The food is okay - not awesome but once again, better than in Poland. Soup is on the menu for every night - last night was garlic and tonight was barley. There's a small super market, bakery and bank just down the road. So far food seems really cheap! We can get a piece of cake at the bakery for R4 - R6 and a kilogram of cherries for 1 euro.

Coach is only arriving tomorrow so we spent the morning figuring out how to get to a training area. We asked a few people about buses / trams before we found a dude who spoke English. He showed us which buses to take and ended up buying us a map of the town and bus tickets. Very friendly! We're going to take him chocolate to say thanks tomorrow.

We headed to the training area after lunch - Hradova. Was a wise choice to get the bus and not walk there. Rather a hilly 5km! We walked to the start and hid our bags in the forest. Quite a straight forward area ...until it started raining and our maps turned to mush. We'll probably do some sprint training tomorrow morning. Coach arrives in the afternoon.

The NZL team and 2 Aussies are here.

Having a good time so far. Looking forward to the rest of the team joining us.

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peter hemer said...

The following link might help with the weather forecasting bit. Have fun exploring and discovering not only forests in Slovakia.