Friday, June 29, 2012

Long Walks and New Arrivals

Today we did some sprint training at Pavilon, we ended up walking 4km because we were having trouble with the buses ... We decided to do the course in intervals running 3 controls at a time with a short break in between ... Sarah and Salome ran together and Steph decided to run with Ant and Brad ... The pace on the course was good and there were some interesting route choices. (2-3, 5-6, 7-8,10-11-12-13)

It was some good training that we all seemed to have enjoyed!

We decided to just walk back to accommodation and on the way back each got an ice-cream for the equivalent of about R3 each :)

When we got back to the accommodation we looked on Google Earth and tested our different route choices with a few surprising results.

Big Nic (coach) arrived about 16:00 and gave us our new tracksuits :) and checked into his room.

After Dinner Nic told us about the training plans for the week ahead, we all had a chilled evening with some having an early night. Asaf (Representing Israel) arrived and will be joining us for training, glad to have him! Looking forward to tomorrows training  :-D


Legit said...

Such legit tracksuits!!!!!:) Good luck guys with all the training.

Michael Crone said...

I wish that it was that cheap in Switzerland. Paid R140 for McDonalds last week :(.

Sarah said...

Mike, we thought elite athletes didn't eat McDonalds :-) Hope your training is going well and it's a bit cooler there.