Saturday, June 25, 2016

Day 3 Rain rain rain

Woke up in the early hours of the morning to the pitter patter of rain on the tent and had a short moment of panic that we were going to get soaked, but luckily the tent held out and a few more hours of sleep were attained.

Got to registration ages before our starts and took a bit of time trying to communicate with non-english speaking si card hander-outers (luckily we had Anton and Michael on hand to translate)

We also managed to find a couple other jwocers (U.S., Australian, French and New Zealand and ex-Swiss).

We wasted as much time as we could before jumping on the busses to the start.

Tim, Anton and Michael ran the H20 (M20) (4.9 km) course whilst Roark and Robbie (a Canadian) ran a slightly shorter (4.6km) open course as they hadn't pre-registered.

Whilst Tim and Roark both could have had good runs, their many clean controls were offset by a few horrendous ones. Looking back at the races it irritating to see how close we were most of the time.

It rained most of the race and continued for a couple of hours after so the wait for the bus after the finish was quite cold. Tim decided the wait was to much and ran the few kilometers it was back to the competition centre.

After showering at the competition centre, Jan Erik, Michael and Roark trudged through the rain to the shops to get supplies that would last us until we left.

We then all walked to the train station to catch a very short train ride to our campsite. We sprinted the last 50m thinking we were about to miss the train but it turned out to be the train going in the opposite direction.

Back at the campsite we were to scared to investigate our tents in fear that they were soaked through so we decided to use the communal area to dig into some lunch. While we ate the rain cleared so after lunch we headed out to play boule's. Once again Anton was on form but the game never really got anywhere as the rain soon hit again. We all piled inside and soon Roark was playing chess and Tim started writing the first day of our blog.

The rain soon stopped so we headed back outside to play boule's and kept on playing sporadically between WiFi, soccer watching (unfortunately Switzerland lost..) cooking, dinner and when it finally got too dark to play, we moved inside to play some cards (cheat), which eventually ended somewhere near midnight.

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