Sunday, June 26, 2016

Day 4 Long distance, Roman empires, late night swims and a trek across the country.

Starts were a bit earlier today (10am), so we had to get going a bit earlier and pack up our bags before we left. Jan Erik was a bit too keen and woke up at 6:30 to the bemusement of his tent mate- Tim.

He then preceded to go for a jog/walk to the store to buy some fresh bread and jam, only to find out that it only opened at 8am, so ended up arriving back empty handed.

Tim and Michael were off 1st with Anton a few min later and Jan Erik a couple hours later. Roark wasn't feeling great, so he decided to sit this one out.

Tim had an okayish run, just having a shocker 1st control and losing 6min on that as well as 3min on #8.

After the race we chilled at the event centre for a bit looking for Coni who would take us through to Zug (near Zurich). This turned out to be a bit more difficult than it would be in SA with over 1000 people at the event.

We eventually found each other and a short while later were on our way to Zug. Halfway into the drive we stopped to do a bit of sightseeing at an old Roman amphitheatre and took a look at the castle. This was the perfect opportunity to snap a few pano's while learning a bit about the Roman empire's many provinces. We then hopped back on the road and soon found ourselves at Coni and Stephan's apartment just in time for the footy.

After the German's crushed the Slovakian's and we created a similar fate for the mid-game snacks we moved over to the table for dinner. We were then treated to Raclette which is a Swiss specialty where you melt your own cheese to smother the potatoes, pickles, pineapple and veg.

We then whipped out a choc-chip cake that we had bought in St Cergue to go with the ice cream Coni had, which made for a pretty awesome dessert.

Andrea (their daughter) had the brilliant idea of going for a swim in the lake so we all jumped onto bikes and took a leisurely ride down. Roark found his playful side while Tim and Michael experimented with filming on the go.

At the lake we took a couple pano's and had a lekkkkker swim while watching the sun slowly set behind the snowy peaks. Not only was the water incredible but the pink sky was gorgeous too.

We then hopped back on the bikes and followed the canal back to our new home, all the time videoing our ride. We even managed to find a cool little bicycle ramp along the way.

After that we were left alone to exploit the WiFi and post our first blog as our hosts went to bed. A couple of hours later we sunk into a deep, oh so gloriously soft sleep which was much appreciated after 3 nights camping without a mattress.

Quote of the day:

Michael talking about the soccer ref: "he's one hunk of a man"

Moments of the day:

Jan Erik trying to cuddle with Tim thinking he was someone else (a certain Swiss meisie)

Roark falling of his bike.

Illegal activities of the day:

Not getting off our bikes to cross the pedestrian crossing. 3*R500

Not signalling when making turns on the bikes. 3*R500

Potential Fines: about R3000

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