Sunday, July 8, 2018


I have been in Hungary for just over a week now and in that time have almost been orienteering non-stop. The first 4 days I was here, we were doing 2 trainings a day after that we have cut done to 1 per day to taper. From the trainings and the bulletin it is evident that the first race, the long, is going to be extremely fast orienteering (the woman’s course is 10.2km with a 57min winning time). This race is tomorrow and Andries and I have early starts while Kirsten has a middle start.

In non-orienteering news, the accommodation is fairly decent. In the beginning, when we were the only team here, it was eerie. This was also made worse by the abandoned Russian military barracks that are close to the accommodation. The food is amazing: buffet meal 3 times a day with  lunch and dinner being 3 courses! However, the soups have been rather odd such as cream of melon soup and plum soup.

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