Sunday, July 8, 2018



The middle terrains consist of both more simple and fast running forest, as well as some extremely technical open areas with dense juniper bushes, forming a sort of maze. The green here is generally impenetrable/not feasible to run through, so one often has to navigate through the small open passages to get around.

The middle quali is expected to be majority in the faster and less technical terrain, and then the final in the massive maze to the north

Old map of the actual middle terrain (middle quali expected to be in the bottom section and final in the upper)


The long and relay areas are generally far faster (top guys will be expected to run about 4:30/km for the long and slightly faster for the relay). The long areas generally consist of a big mix of open areas, sandy, runnable forest, scattered bush, the odd thicj green and a fair amount of small contour detail. The relay terrain is very open with some detailed small contour features.

Old map of the long area (arena will be on the Southern edge)

Old map of the relay area


The spint will be in the old town section of Kecskemet and is expected to have a fair amount of artificial barriers to make things interesting.

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