Monday, June 25, 2007

Gauteng Champs

The Middle Distance Gauteng Champs were held at Moreletta Kloof on Saturday.

This is the most hotly contested of the Junior age groups. The 4 Swedish Squad Juniors had to fight it out for the 3 medals. Sarah had a very good run, winning by 11 minutes.
1st Sarah - 33:16
2nd Jessica Lund - 44:20
3rd Jessica Hemer - 48:36
4th Salome - 48:47

Zoe won the this category. The competition in this class will get more intense next year as the
W16's will start to move up.
1st Zoe - 1:00:21

Bradley produced a good performance to win this one. He was on the same course as the W16's (which means Sarah beat him...). Connor Tiegs was 2nd, but isn't coming to Sweden unfortunately.
1st Bradley - 34:59
2nd Connor - 57:09

Dylan won ahead of Michael Bratt. Alex was not there for the middle.
1st Dylan - 35:54
2nd Michael - 1:23:29


Our squad father Richard competed in the veteran category and finished 7th. He was on the same course as Dylan.
7th Richard - 50:42

The Long Distance Champs were held at Gerotek on Sunday.

Sarah completed an excellent weekend by winning again. Jessica Lund was second again and Salome and Jessica Hemer swapped places for 3rd and 4th respectively. The girls won't be competing directly like this in Sweden, because they will be broken up into the D14, D15 and D16 categories. Another Junior who competed on Sunday was Dakota Tiegs. She isn't coming to Sweden, but we hope to see her at more events.
1st Sarah - 52:36
2nd Jessica Lund - 56:01
3rd Salome - 1:03:06
4th Jessica Hemer - 1:05:53
5th Dakota - 2:04:05


Zoe had this category to herself again. She finished with a good performance.
1st Zoe - 1:13:29

Bradley was pushed hard by Connor. This time Bradley won by just 13 seconds! Well done to both of them.

1st Bradley - 1:17:36
2nd Connor - 1:17:49

Alex returned to give Dylan some competition, but Dylan won it convincingly by 6 minutes.
1st Dylan - 1:09:19
2nd Alex - 1:15:42

Richard started very strongly, but looked a bit weary by the end.
9th Richard - 2:11:12


Joshua De Klerk deserves a mention as a Junior on the way up. He is a lot younger than 12, but tore up the M12 course. Well done!

The Champs showed that all the Junior in the squad are fit and competitive. After 2 weeks of getting used to the Swedish terrain, we can expect some decent performances.

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