Monday, June 25, 2007

The Kit

We were presented with our kit at Gauteng Champs. And it looks very cool...

In the picture above we're wearing our running shirts. They're displaying the following logos:
SAOF, Fujifilm, Meditech, Salomon, Husqvarna and the SA flag.

Here we are wearing our tracksuits. They have the following logos:
SAOF, Meditech and Fujifilm.

Wooden Pot Auction
Thanks to Sam for auctioning the wooden bowl. She did a great job of getting a good price. And thank you to Mrs De Speville for getting the bowl from the artist Chris O'Connell. And thanks to Pieter for buying it.

Thanks to everyone
We can safely say you won't be harassed by Juniors at Orienteering events for a while. Thanks for buying food, drinks, raffle tickets, pots, fudge, brush cutters, flap jacks, tea and coffee. We're privileged.


Nicholas said...

Lovely blog... Yes, we will miss the solicitations of food and drink for a whole 2 comps (we've been getting fat), but I'm sure it'll be back when the juniors have made tour plans for 2008!

Anonymous said...

Awesome looking team photo, pity I missed it. Cheers from a wet and cold Sydney Australia

Tristan said...

It's strange to see a South African team kit that isn't mostly green. It looks good though. Good luck to you all and don't forget to punch the controls at the water points! (Water points at the Origen are more like water points at a road race here in SA, i.e. big tables manned by several people.)