Saturday, June 16, 2007

Harrismith O'Ringen

South African Orienteers enjoyed 2 days of orienteering over the weekend of the 9th and 10th of June. Saturday's event was at Mount Everest on an open hillside with some massive boulders. Sunday's event was at Platberg in some varied forest.

It turned out to be a good weekend of preparation for the trip.

Squad results:
Brown course:

Dylan's first few controls didn't go well but he had some strong legs later in the course
4th in 1:46:15

Craig seemed to have a steady run. It was good time on his feet as he now is traveling far and wide before the Swedish O'Ringen
14th in 2:25:49

Alex finished in a good time, except for the fact that he skipped #10 and
was disqualified. Turned out to be the fastest time of the day - sigh...

Blue Course:
Zoe continues to learn on the demanding blue course. See was the 4th woman home.
13th in 2:21:11

Green Course:
Salome had the best day of the Girls on the Green course. She won it ahead of many older, more experience competitors
1st in 1:30:57

Sarah was caught by Salome on the course and had to settle for second of the juniors on the green
3rd in 1:34:59

Jessica H was caught by the other two girls.
4th in 1:41:12

To stop these races turning into social occasions, we have to make sure the girls start further apart.

Brown Course:
This was a tough and challenging course on an outdated map. Dylan started 4th in the chasing starts, but was caught out by the tricky course
6th in 2:01:31

Craig was 11th in 3:01:58

Alex hurt his ITB the previous day and pulled out of the course about half way around.

Blue Course:
To show how tricky the area was Zoe finish in 2:41:06 on a course 2km shorter than the previous day. She did really well to finish as 2nd lady on the Blue. She was 11th overall.

Green Course:
With the chasing starts, this would be an interesting day. Salome started first, followed by Sarah and then Jessica. The first control was a disaster for most and they all bunched up there.

In the end, Salome got away from Sarah to finish in 1:14:29. Her lead from the previous day meant she won the weekends racing, but was 2nd on the course.

Sarah's time was 1:10:58, meaning she won the course but was about 30 sec behind overall. Close racing.

Jessica H was the 3rd lady and 8th overall on the Green in a time of 1:47:35.

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