Sunday, April 19, 2009

Stirrup Glen

The juniors had some excellent performances at the first colour coded event of the session. Brian (below), Tom and Christie planned the courses.
The juniors handled the technical quarry, forested areas and confused zebras well after all the training in the past few weeks.

Jess Lund, Salome and Stephanie did the green course. Steph had a brilliant run and was the first lady about 6 minutes ahead of Salome.
Zoe did blue and was the first lady on the course.

Sarah did her first brown course. She had a good run and was about 10 minutes behind Tania.

We had a good day of fundraising. Val and Denise were selling drinks, chocs and hotdogs. Thank you to the moms for their hard work.
A big thank you to all the orienteers who support the juniors. We really appreciate it.

Hope to see everyone at the Barnyard Theatre on Saturday, 25th of April.

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