Thursday, May 28, 2009

Junior tour to Cape Town

After our 2hr flight down to Cape town we were all excited and ready for an insane weekend of orienteering.

The Lebanon forest was the area we ran. The terrain for the middle was quite similar to the Lakenvlei forest we had run in 2 weeks earlier.

Western Cape champs
The day showed great results for most of the team :)

Rich came third in the oldies with some stiff competition edging him out.
Jess had an awesome run and won the technical W21 course.
Nic won the M21.
Brad had an insane run and came 3rd in the M21 category.
Sarah had an almost perfect run.
Salome came second in the W20 but she was recovering from a stomach bug of some sort.

Here are Brad and Jess's Routes for the M21 and W21 respectively.

There was some tight competition between the girls on the 6.1KM course. Salome claimed the top spot, only a few seconds ahead of Jess. Nic won the M21, beating his nearest rival by five minutes. Rich just missed out on a podium finish.

It was great fun and the orienteering was good. Thanks must go to the parents :)


guy said...

nice trainings!
hope to see you in jwoc 2009 in italia.
guy sabo-bar
from israel

Sarah said...

Thanks. Nice to hear from you. Hope to see you in Italy.