Thursday, May 14, 2009

Training weekend

The JWOC squad spent the weekend training at Lakenvlei. Nicholas organized various challenging and enjoyable exercises.

Everyone arrived on Friday evening and we had a quick briefing.

On Saturday morning we headed to the Ruins and Langkloof for a line course and compass exercise. Everyone found some extra speed on the compass exercise, because it was cold and pouring with rain. After lunch we did a course focusing on attack points and then a control picking exercise. We had a debriefing session before doing a night course around the lodge. Brad was the fastest junior.
After dinner Eugene spoke to us about nutrition. Jeremy shared his experiences of orienteering overseas. We then looked at photos and videos from our trip to Sweden, which bought back good memories.

On Sunday we went to Middeldam where we did some inerval training. We finished off with a star relay in teams of 2.
Jess H and Salome won convincingly.

Next was the surprise: a map memory exercise around the lodge reception area. The seniors didn't get it right so the juniors ended the weekend on a high note.

JP and Rophafadzo joined the squad for the weekend. They had their first taste of orienteering in a forest which they handled extremely well.
A big thank you to Nicholas for all the coaching and planning.

Thank you to the SAOF for making the weekend possible. Thanks to Richard and Heidi for all the food. Thank you to the seniors for joining us and putting controls out. Your input was greatly appreciated.
We all had loads of fun and left Belfast with more confidence and enthusiasm as well as lovely sore legs for our cross country races on Monday.

Looking forward to Pelindaba on Sunday.

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