Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Long Final

A dry start to the day turning into a wet stormy afternoon. The 2 fortunate early starters (Zoe and Steph...this didn't stop Steph falling in one of the many rivers in the area) managed to skip the rain. Jess L and Salome got a cold but dry start with the rain catching them at half way. Myself, Sarah and Brad were the very unfortunate lot and had to start in the pouring rain, arriving at the pre-start 5 seconds before needed.

The girls course was 5.7km with 275m climb (which was less than in training, to our delight). All the girls did very well and seemed to enjoy it. Sarah had an awesome run with a time of 1:53:49 (putting her first out of the SA girls...and putting a well deserved smile on her face). The rest followe as so: Jess L - 1:54:14, Zoe - 2:15:59, Jess H - 2:25:52, Salome (not DSQ. She had a prpblem with her sport Ident, but did punch in the reserve block) - 2:56:04 and Steph - 3:10:31.

The mens course was 9.7km with 440m climb (a complete shock to the system for any orienteer). Brad did us proud with an amazing result for his first ever long distance. His time was 2:14:48. He even had a chance to see snow and made a snowball...fortunately for the runner behind he decided not to throw it.

All in all, it was a very good day with great results from everyone. The weather...well that is another story, we are just hoping it clears up a bit for our trip in the cable car tomorrow and for the middle races.

Posted by Jess H


Anonymous said...

Well Done guys looks like the long was a tough day,

Nice updates on the blog

Bronwyn said...

Thanks for the update.It is so good to hear that you are all trying your best and flying the flag for SA.So proud of you.