Monday, July 6, 2009


This afternoon is the sprint. So far it's been a dull, rainy day. Hopefully it will clear up a bit.

The mens course is 3.1km with 90m of climb and 24 controls. Brad starts at 16:44

The womens course is 2.5km with 85m of climb and 21 controls. Our start times are:
Jess L 15:19
Zoe 15:27
Salome 15:38
Steph 15:48
Jess H 16:29
Sarah 16:49


Pieter Mulder said...

Well done Brad, Steph, Salome, Jess, Sarah, Jess, Zoe, Richard and Nicholas. Wonderful 2009 JWOC Sprint results
You have eclipsed the boldest expectations by the home front.
Just keep it going nicely.

Pieter Mulder.

nico said...

Whoo-hoo! Fantastic results! Congratulations!

iPengo said...

Well done to you all. Steph gave us a big fright, since for a while her result was listed at DSQ. I hope this lets you all get over those inevitable jitters. Good luck for the Long tomorrow.


Sarah said...

Thanks everyone.