Thursday, July 9, 2009

Middle Qualification

The star of the day was Salome. She had a awesome run on course 1, finishing in a time of 37 minutes. Jess H also on course 1 enjoyed her run of 45:18. Sarah's time was 45:49 on course 2 with Jess L not far behind in a time of 47:37. Zoe on course 3 ran a time of 48:04 with Steph taking 58:35 minutes on the same course.

The SA girls made history as all 6 are through to the B final although there are only 6 runners in the C final :-).

Brad ran a time of 47:21 and will run in the C final tomorrow.

1 comment:

nico said...

Ah-ha! now you can help each other! (Did you plan it like that? :)

Great runs today - well done!