Monday, July 1, 2013

Long Distance

Hills pretty much sum up the long distance.

GPS tracking is really cool to look at and quite funny for some :P

Roark was the first to finish, and set a new best percentage behind the winner in Long distance, until Tim came in, who then held it until Brad came in. Salome also had a decent run and got under 170 % of the winner, which means everyone got under the incentive guidelines. So pretty good results percentage wise but far from what was possible. Roark and Tim made quite a lot of mistakes, as you can see in the GPS. I made one large mistake and then lots of smaller ones. We all took far from optimum route choices on a lot of the legs.

Middle is tomorrow, hopefully better results will come :)
Roark finishing the Long (

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PenOC said...

Good runs everybody - it was intriguing and frustrating to watch the odd 90 degree error and not be able to do anything about it! The best route choices looked to require lots of lateral thinking.

Well done!