Thursday, July 4, 2013

Sprint Time!

Tomorrow is the sprint! Hopefully the team is feeling rested after a day off.

Start times:
Brad: 12:07
Roark: 13:00
Salome: 13:41
Tim: 14:37

Venue: Hradec Králové

Start interval: 1 minute
GPS: All women.
Terrain form: Mostly flat, except for a 10-15m high steep slope around the old town hill. 230–245m above sea level.
Vegetation: Partly park area – grass, flower beds, hedges, scattered trees. Partly urban area of historic city centre with no vegetation.
Runnability: Generally excellent. Grass in parks is cut.
Paths and roads: Urban and park areas with lots of fast routes. Most paths in parks have a gravel surface. City area links consist of asphalt roads, pavements and cobble-stones.

W20 3.0 km (measured along best route), 56 m climb, 19 controls. Expected winning time: 14:45
M20 3.6 km, 60 m climb, 21controls. Expected winning time: 14:45.
Old map of sprint area

Check out the online coverage here. It's been superb so far - loads of radio controls and the GPS tracking works well so be sure to track Salome tomorrow!

Hopefully we'll see Brad improve on last years brilliant result of 74th. Salome will be looking to improve on last years 116th place. Tim and Roark will be running their first JWOC sprint and with a clean run they have potential to do really well. Hopefully the vibe will be great and it'll be a memorable day.

Full speed, no mistakes! GO TEAM SA!!

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