Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Middle Quali preview

Today's Middle Distance Qualification Race starts from 12:00

Tim 12:18
Brad 13:12
Roark 13:18
Salome 13:33
  • Venue: Radvanice
  • GPS: no GPs tracking.
  • Terrain form: stony slopes, 550–710 m a.s.l., crowned by cliffs up to 10 m high. Boulders up to 5 m high. Uneven ground.
  • Vegetation: An old coniferous forest. some areas of diffuse thickets and clearings. 
  • Runnability: Generally good. In places significantly limited by stony ground, young forest and fallen branches.
  • Visibility: Varies from very good to limited.
  • Paths and roads: Forest with average network of paths and tracks which generally enable fast running.
  • Map: scale 1:10,000
3 heats for men and women
W20: approx 2.8km, 90m of climb, 12 controls, expected winning time 22minutes
M20: approx 3.3km, 90m climb, 15 controls, expected winning times 20 minutes

Courses are expected to be a lot more technical today with hectic rock details, cliffs and uneven ground.
Map snippet of Rock features (thanks to Nico)
Example of rock features
The relatively low amount of climb suggests that the courses will be somewhat "downhill" as the old map shows the area is situated on a steep slope. The top 20 in each heat will qualify for the A finals, with the next 20 in the heat going through to the B final and the remaining athletes going through to the C final.

There is no GPS tracking unfortunately but there is one radio control to track the athletes progress. Follow the action live here.


iPengo said...

Orienteering in SA has a massive smile. Thanks for raising the bar!Well done to you all.

Legit said...

Well done boys!So impressed by all of you!hope you enjoyed the race!

Ian Bratt said...

Fantastic run from Brad to make the A. final tomorrow. Many congrats.
Well done to Tim, Roark and Salome - you are all having a great week so far.

Willemien said...

Congratulations to you all! You make us proud!