Sunday, April 24, 2016

Day 2 of Youth Squad Tour in Sweden

We started the day at 7:30. We crossed the road to get to our training site we deliberated on the path to get to the start, when we found the start we split in to two teams each team put out one control. Then we went out separate and did the entire coarse, I could not find control 6 and totally did not even see that control 5 was on my map, Carl did it all the controls (2 courses) without a break in between unlike the rest of us, not sure if it was intentional or not?

We went back to our home (the one in Sweden). Carl and Andries made us lunch (baked potatoes) while the rest of us played Uno. Carl and I decided it would be a great idea to do a shirtless run turned out not to be the best thing to do in cold COLD weather.

We then headed out on our next training session, we did this one as a race we did the races as one on one Sarah and I got a little bit lost but soon found our way. Carl headed out first only to appear back after an hour when he went off  the map, deliberately I think not, we have now coined this action as "doing a Carl".

We were all ready to leave for supper when we could not find James, we eventually found him sitting on the toilet reading a book accidentally. We then went to the bus stop only to find out that James had left his transport card in the room, he had 2 min to get it and get back to the bus. James ended up being 30 seconds late so the bus with everyone on had already left. He and Bev then  had to catch the next one. We were lucky enough to have been invited to have supper at Sarah-Jane and Nick's house, where we were given a Swedish Easter to drink (even though it not the season for it). Then they gave us amazing food (spaghetti bolognaise) and a desert where Heather almost stampeded over our hosts to get. They then helped us get organised for the race the next day.

Written by Matthew Siepman 

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