Sunday, April 24, 2016

Day 3 of Youth Tour Squad in Sweden

Time to get up. Its 6:30 and freezing cold. We started the day with a long journey ahead of us. Today our forms of transport were: bus, train, train, walk, orienteer, walk, train, bus, walk, walk around museum, walk, bus, train, bus and finally home again.

So Carl, Bev, Tania, Heather, Matthew and I left on the bus at 8:04 followed by two train trips, and a walk to the finish while Andries, Rory and James left at 8:34 and went on the bus to Sarah-Jane and Nick's house and then drove to the finish. After meeting up at the start we invaded the orienteering shops tent and after much gear was bought and a bit of snow had fallen, we got ready to head up to the start. Off we went and when we got back realized many mistakes were made: James tripped and dropped his sport ID at one of his last controls,  Matthew got stuck on bush when reaching for a control and I as the smartest of all took the wrong map and control descriptions so completed my course only to find I never really started it. After finding James's sport ID which was handed in, a quick change and a bit more snow we left for the Vasa Museum.

When we arrived at the museum we locked up our heavy bags and went for a quick tour about the ship which turns out to have only sailed for a maximum of 30 minutes before sinking, and then looked around for anther 45 minutes. We walked back to the bus stop squeezed onto an almost full bus and went back to the main train station. When we arrived we went and got a sweet snack and stocked up on sweet stuff including milk free chocolate milk, chips, and sweets.
We got onto the next train and then bus and arrived home. Where we dried socks and shoes, Heather and I cooked chicken enchiladas for dinner. We ate, played Uno and made card towers before returning to our beds left many hours and miles traveled before.

Our Funny picture of the day:

Written by Sarah Everett 

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Paul Wimberley said...

I see Heather has adopted a Ninja Orienteering Outfit.