Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Day 6 of Youth Squad Tour in Sweden

Day 6, the day we ran our event for the “old peoples” league. For Andries and myself this was an early start, having to be at Nick’s house by 7am to place out the controls for the event. This morning wasn’t like the other mornings, today we woke up to freezing cold temperatures and snow falling from the sky. Andries and I along with Nick went out leaving his flat with our kites and SI units heading into the forest to set out the controls, 60 minutes later and 10km down the line we had completed our control setting out.

 While we were out doing that we had Bev, Sarah, Heather and James working in the kitchen making muffins to sell to the hundreds of Orienteers that ran. Matthew and Rory ran the 2km to the start putting up the orange and white tape to the start.

 Andries and I had the honour of using the data base while learning a bit of Swedish like “Godkänd” pronounced as “good-shard” which was really weird and every now and then we had one of the people rattle off talking to us in Swedish, where Andries replied with a very blank expression on his face. Andries learnt that five is fem, this came in very handy when selling our wares (coffee, open sandwiches, muffins and Swedish chocolate balls).

. Its an interesting, low man power self help start and after all the hard work we did early this morning we were allowed to go out and run our courses alongside the “old people”.

Once the event was over we split up into groups again to collect all the controls and equipment that we placed out, but this time now it was raining so we all were soaking wet by the time we came back.
Once everyone was back we ate sandwiches for lunch and then headed out towards the Orienteering shop (FINALLY), I had been driving everyone mad about the orienteering shop which we had to go to.  After catching a bus, a train, walking the wrong way and the finally realising it thanks to James, we arrived the Orienteering Shop.

Money was spent and gear was bought. Well that will be what everyone says to their parents when they get back. (Insert James evil laugh)

We then headed into the old Stockholm town after buying a few Souvenirs and I finally got a Swedish Beanie. We walked through the parliament and over a bridge where the Baltic sea meets Lake Munroe. We then dropped our gear off in the central square, near the old head chopping block so we could do a bit over Urban Orienteering for a difference. Yay my favourite, fast paced orienteering.
This place was amazing to orienteer in. Small passage ways and loads of people walking around made it all the more fun.

We headed out in pairs to “set out” controls, which was a chalk drawn kite on the floor.

We then headed out racing one another to make things different. I’m not sure if I was lucky or not but I was paired to race against Tania, which made things every interesting. Some bad route choices were made and fast running was done.

We then suddenly realised the time which was 7:40pm when it looked like we it could have been 4pm instead, and we still and to get back to the house for supper. We had to catch a train and a bus to get back.

As soon as we arrived back our two “master chefs” got to work on our supper, Pork chops and chips. (Yum).

After supper we all sat around playing Uno and making up some random card game that makes no sense to any human being. Another busy day ahead of us tomorrow. Good night!

Written by Carl Holmes

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