Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Blog

We're about to jet off to Sweden and this is how we're going to show people at home what we get up to. We'll put up pictures, results and stories from Gothenburg and JWOC 2008
  • You can get a good overview of last year's trip by looking at the posts from 2007.
  • Our sponsors are shown on the right --->
  • Some of the juniors log their training (...some of the juniors train?). Have a look for the Attackpoint
  • The JWOC 2008 homepage is also listed. You can see the calendar of events for the week long competition --->
  • We've got a good crop of juniors for the next few JWOC's. Have a look at the Italian and Danish JWOC's --->
  • And the Gauteng Orienteering Clubs' web pages are also there --->

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