Wednesday, June 25, 2008


We've moved into our new accomodation. It is a collection of cottages around a lifestyle center on the edge of a big forrest. Most of the cottages are club houses for sports clubs, like the Goteborg-Majorna O club who is hosting JWOC, a frisbee club and several soccer clubs. This area is a running Mecca, with routes up to 21km in the forest. Dylan demonstrates one of the tougher stretches we use.
We are staying in a soccer club house with two Spaniards. We recognise one of them from the Orientabonito Camp last year.
We stepped out of our cottage and onto this map. The southern half has been burnt recently. We are getting better at finding the controls and executing plans, but control flow and speed need some work. Tomorrow, we'll cross this map, to a 1:15'000 map.

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Anonymous said...

Hey guys, things are looking good, keep up the good work on the blogg and enjoy the training before the weekends competition.