Saturday, June 28, 2008

Pavelund Sprint

This morning we walked out of the Military base, across the tram line and a short way down the road to this sprint map. We found that there were a few new buildings around #1. This set things off to a confusing start. The rest of the course was fast and it was usually easy to find the controls. The route choices were the hard part, with many seemingly 50/50 choices. We both ran steadily to allow our legs to recover. Monday’s sprint race will be about 3.2km, with 16 controls. We can expect 80% urban running and 20% forest. We’re expecting plenty of route choice.Most of the teams are here now. The eating hall is getting busier. We actually saw another team out there today –Hong Kong were starting the sprint as we were leaving.

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Richard Lund said...

Hi guys,

Good luck for tomorrow and most important enjoy the moment! Hopefully we will be watching on the internet.

We had a fun morning at the Pengo fundraiser. It was window orienteering at Albert's farm. Quite easy if you knew the area and could use the paths (which were not on the map). Major problem was that control #6 was stolen withing 30 minutes of Paul putting it out!

The Lunds