Friday, June 27, 2008

Into the accommodation

Karl, who is a taxi driver in his spare time, gave us a ride from Skatao to the Military camp where we are staying for the competition. We dropped off our stuff and went to meet our esteemed manager Peter at the Central Station.

We are lucky enough to be in B accommodation. Everyone is staying in the military camp. We’re in an eight person room: 3 South Africans and 4 Latvian women (!) It’s really tough having to go downstairs to the men’s bathrooms to change. Sigh...
Anyway, back to the orienteering. We went to a 1:10’000 middle distance map called Ojersjo (written with some dots and circles - we don’t have a Swedish keyboard any more). The terrain was very physical. We took it easy and picked up controls for 40 minutes.
We’re taking it very easy now, in preparation for Monday’s Sprint Final. We’re eating well, although at odd army hours, and we’re trying to convince Peter to get a Rickshaw to transport us - no luck yet.

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Brad said...

Shame What a bummer! ;)