Saturday, July 17, 2010

JWOC Summary

I took an idea from Dan Chissick's (Israeli Coach) blog and tried to show the results as a graphic rather than lots of statistics. For the juniors who were at their second JWOC, I compared their performance relative to the winner of the race with the same performance last year. If it was 105% or more then they got a red block with an unhappy face. If their performance was similar to last year they got a yellow block and if they were under 95% a happy face in a green block. For Michael and JP the evaluation was very subjective.

As you can see few unhappy faces and lots of smiley faces!

The I took just the returning juniors and rated the performances as follows:
Slower than last year - red
Less than 10% improvement - yellow
Better than 10% improvement - green

Sprint - disappointing
Long - very encouraging
Middle - good results
Relay - OK (I think we ran out of steam a bit!)

Overall I feel we achieved our objective.
We fielded men's and women's teams for the first time ever.
We improved on last year's results.

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