Thursday, July 1, 2010


Legoland is a theme park in Billund. It was the destination for our rest day. The highlight was the amazing Lego creations. Here is a Lego airport, with lego planes and buildings.
And here is Amsterdam in Lego. There are lots of recreations of European towns, complete with moving trains, boats, cars and trucks. The city in the picture below is made of 2.1 million Lego bricks.
There were also lots of rides. Mike and Brad aren't looking too phased by this one... The best one was the 'Power Builder' - a robotic arm that holds 2 people. You can program it to throw you around and scare yourself a lot. You set the 'power level' and choose from a set of pre-programmed moves. Different to the usual rollercoasters and water rides.


Val said...

Seems like you had a good day at Legoland. Maybe it is now time, as JWOC gets closer, to go to bed a bit earlier and respect those that need the extra sleep

Tania said...

Yes, Paul loved the robotic arm too-it was awesome.Hope you were warned to clear your pockets of wallets etc to avoid stuff failing out