Thursday, June 25, 2015

Day 7

Sick, Lame and Lazy

Once again our day started later than planned (though with the amount of daylight we get, it doesnt really matter what time we wake up..)

After breakfast, Dylan went out on the course the others had done last night while Tim and Roark headed out to do a long distance training on the eastern side of Hoias (name of the club house/s). Roark managed to tweak his achilles a few days ago and after the first couple of controls, decided that he wasnt too keen on trundling through the wet marshes for too long, so only did about half the course. Tim had a good start to the course, but messed up later on and decided to skip the last few controls (Tim doesn't skip controls!! What happened!) (he still managed to do 11km though)

Roark and Tim spent the afternoon (and even part of the evening) sleeping ( a 1 hour nap turned into 4...). Dylan was a bit more energetic and went and did a short course on the northern slopes of Hoias.

Tim then went out on a short downhill and then uphill course through some nice open forest north of Hoias, managing to get into the map a bit better than during his morning session. Roark sat this one out in an attempt at recovery (we'll see how tomorrow goes!)

It was then time to get our cook on again (well Roark and Dylan anyway- Tim was too busy Facebook messaging Melanie, but has kindly offered to do the washing up later). We took our carb rich meal of pasta with tomato and spaghetti sauce (we haven't quite worked out Norwegian labels yet) up to the viewing tower where we got up to our normal shenanigans of photo taking while Tim thought it would be entertaining to drop forks from the top of the tower in an attempt to peg them in the ground far below.

Then we spent the next forever catching up on some blogging so that our ever eager audience (probably only Brad) could be kept up to date.

Quote of the day: Roark: " Tim Noakes would brain us, brain us dead."


iPengo said...

You guys need a selfie stick.
I think you have a bigger audience than Brad :-)
You're making a lot of us green with envy!


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