Monday, June 22, 2015


Day 4

A late start. We woke up at nine for breakfast before lazily getting ready for the long distance training session. We made our way to …. which is apparently the most JWOC relevant terrain we’ve run on so far. A couple of differences between this terrain and our previous trainings include the prominence of the streams which can be used as good linear features much like paths. As well as the open areas which for the first time occasionally were no marshy.

While the terrain was slightly easier and faster to navigate the lack of control flags (hence the title) of and sort meant that one had to be more certain of where they were which increased our concentration when approaching a control feature.

After the training session we headed bake to Eina Bru, on the way picking up Anders (Sigmunds other son) at the airport. We picked up some food on the way home which turned out to be superfluous as a gigantic party had been held at the club house the night before and there was much food, cake, strawberries and reindeer meat (Dylan likes reindeer meat…and nets) left over for us so no cooking was required.

After hours and hours of deliberation we got through most of the first day of our blog before deciding to have a go at coaxing the washing machine to life. This proved to be successful but only after much button pressing and dial turning.

We then returned to blogging and made progress, nearly getting up to date. Before realising it was after midnight (it was still light…what even is darkness…). 

Quote of the day: Flolloped, “it’s a word, have you read hitchikers guide to the galaxy. It’s the sound                              a mattress makes in a marsh." Procedes to find reference. - Dylan


Black Mamba said...

Why weren't you at the party?

Timothy Chambers said...

We werent invited+ it was a 50th, so probably wouldn't have been too much fun..

Roark Robinson said...

We got to see snow instead :) And managed to score left over cake, strawberries and cold meats! Not all to terrible.