Monday, June 22, 2015


Day 1

We arrived in Oslo at midday it was light but overcast, 12 hours later, at midnight, it was still light and overcast….. We still haven’t seen the dark.

We were picked-up by our host Sigmund Vister (who will be looking after us for the first part of our trip) and taken to Indre-Ostfold Club House, Einarbu (for South Africans: Eina-bru). The trip was made extremely long by the horrendous traffic but undeterred (“under turd” - Dylan) Dylan and Tim made use of this time to catch up on some much needed sleep while Roark discovered new things about penguins. 

We arrived at the club house expecting a … well … club house, but instead found an expansive, well equipped wooden ‘lodge’ with a built in moose (Dylan likes the moose).

After settling in, we stepped out the door right into the awesome forest that encompasses Einarbu. Our planned 20min jog on the paths turned into a 45min exploration of the orienteering map (and the abundant marshes). Only two of us lost our shoes in the mud but Tim would soon lose his shoe. +After getting ourselves thoroughly confuzled with extremely technical terrain, we returned (ego’s having taken a bit of a knock).

That evening we headed into the nearby town (Mysen), for dinner, with Sigmund and his son Jorgen. Pizza was the logical choice as the pizzeria served the largest pizza in Norway (which four hungry athletes barely managed to finish).

When we arrived back at Eina-Bru we opened our brand spanking new kit. The new design is really cool and is put to good use on the sprint vests. 

Quote of the day:

“So are there penguins in Norway?” – Roark. (Roark didn’t do biology).

And it only took 3 attempts!


Black Mamba said...

The first Roark you spelled Roarke but it should be Roark, Roar like a lion but with a k.
Come on Timothi.

That map looks sick! No roads for days!

Timothy Chambers said...

I didnt type that out :P The terrain is awesome!!