Monday, June 22, 2015


Day 2

We woke up bright and early at 8:30 (ok not really, the sun had already been up for close to five hours). 

We fixed a quick breakfast and then made a miserable attempt at blog writing  before heading out for our first session, control picking. The first few controls were in dense forest that was really difficult to navigate through. After that the forest cleared up (a bit, not really) and navigation became slightly easier and we began to get used to the complex terrain.

2nd session of the day was once again in the highly complex Eina-Bru terrain, but this time a middle course planned by Sigmund’s other son, Martin (who is hopefully going to be in the Norwegian WOC team this year). Tim had a reasonably clean, if not rather slow, run and only managed to slip down one cliff. Roark was slightly slower and struggled with the detail in the circle, while Dylan is still out in the forest (jokes Dylan).

For dinner we were invited to the Vister’s home where we enjoyed a great meal and wonderful dessert of Ice-cream and delicious Norwegian chocolate. We also talked about the day’s trainings and the training's to come, as well as getting our daily dose of wifi (the only thing the club house is missing).

Fact of the day: Moose are violently inclined and occasionally attack joggers (as an unnamed source will attest to).

Awkward interaction of the day:
 Roark bumped into a hoard of young school children who asked him (In Norwegian) what a certain bird was, to which he replied huuuuhhhhhhh??? (or something of the sorts)

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