Sunday, April 29, 2018

Day 7 South African Youth Squad

Friday 27 April, our day started off with the treat of sleeping in a little later, which was very nice after all the early morning trainings. When we woke up we had to make our lunch to take with because it was going to be a long day out. We then took some photos in our youth tour race kit (plus some fun jumping ones).

With photo's taken, we quickly caught the 11:00 bus and then a train for our 2 hour journey to our destination. After climbing off the train we had the another long walk to the event center. But this wasn't just any event, this was 10 MILA - one of the biggest orienteering relay events in the world! Today we weren't going to take part in the relay, but in the open courses that are used as practice for the main events the next day. The 10 MILA is something in size and atmosphere that we never have experienced before. The setup is so large that I am sure it shocked most of us there.

(these are the empty fields that were filled with club tents the next day)
There were 9 open courses to choose from and the group took either the 2,8km Blue or the 4,7km Black course. Just to make it a little bit worse on the tired legs and feet, there was an another 1.5km walk to the start. The terrain was quite technically and challenging so we did struggle a bit, but overall it went well for everyone.

Below is what the terrain looks like leaving the circle of # 2 going to #3

After our runs we had some time to spend in the O shop, where everyone treated themselves to some sort of special kit. Lucky after the tiring day we got to go to Nick's apartment where he and his wife, Sarah-Jane, made a nice hot meal for us. Afterwards we were treated with a mug of warm Gluhwein ( which is warmed up non-alcoholic red wine) with raisins and ginger snaps.
Written by Tinus Swanepoel

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