Monday, April 30, 2018

Day 9 South African Youth Squad

Sunday finally came, a day where we could just relax and have fun. After having a little bit of a lie in, we got ready and took the 401 to Slussen. This time, however we walked over the bridge to Gamla Stan and then caught a ferry across the water to the amusement park, Gronalund.
Everyone was so excited and once we had bought tickets, we split into two groups. I was with Ryno, Luan, Heather, Sarah, Carla, Carl, Tania and Paul. Dylan, Tristan, Tinus and Cameron went off on their own mission.
 The first ride we did was a purple rollercoaster with spiraled up vertically. None of us had ever seen a ride like it before and there was much anticipation. The ride was a hit and we rode it twice.
We then went to the fun house, which was filled with many laughs as we made our way round a house filled with illusions. It  ended with a ride on a carpet down a tunnel. After that, the group went on Ikaros, which is a ride that drops you face first 95m down. Luan, Sarah and I did not do that one, so we went around the fun house again.
Tania then called us back and we all rode the Katapulten, which is similar to the tower of terror at Disney. You go up and down a 55m tall tower and then at the end you wait 15 seconds at the top and get plunged back down.
After that we went to the tallest swings in the world. Going up 120m high, it was terrifying at first, but it was so cool. It was also freezing cold, but luckily, I had my gloves.
 We tried the blue rollercoaster next called Jetline, this was another favourite and we came back and did it again later. We also did a wooden rollercoaster, which was a bit terrifying as it did not sound very safe as we were going around.  We stopped for donuts and a cup of coffee and then went straight back to the rides.

After that we did the Ghost train. This went around showing spooky images and models and also had chairs that poked you in the back. Everyone thought that the person behind then was poking them. Pop expression, another fan favourite. This was a ride similar to the teacups, but way cooler. Carla and I were dancing to the avicci music booming around the ride. We then did the magic carpet ride (similar to the boat ride) which looks so calm when you watch it, but was so painful, because when you when from one side to the other you got flung forward and backwards, bruising your ribs and back. After all of these rides we started making our way back to Tania to have lunch.
There we met up with the boys and decided that we would all go do the bumper cars together. They were so much fun, especially because if you turned the steering wheel lots, then you would start reversing. Half the time, I had no idea what I was doing. 
 We had 20 minutes until the ferry back home and decided that we would do one last ride on the purple rollercoaster. When we got there we ad to wait in a queue for 15 minutes and so afterwards we had to run to the ferry. Once we had regained our breaths, we could relax and enjoy the ride home. On our return we had some fun tour award, the funniest being awarded Dylan- something to beef up his Ninja outfit (from the KEPS -OL) and also to help him improve his cooking.
We had some delicious pork chops with stir fry and noodles for dinner made by Tristan and Heather. Finishing it off with a chocolate pudding made by me (which totally failed as I have never done it before.) All in all, the day was filled with many laughs and friendships were strengthened.

Written by Sarah Wimberley

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