Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Day 10 - Middle Distance and Route Choice

Day 10 consisted of two middle distance training sessions, with the afternoons session focussed on route choice. In the evening we had a lecture from Mats Troeng, who is a Swedish national squad member. He gave us some orienteering technique tips and we went over the courses for the day. He also developed Winsplits and we saw the soon-to-be-released version 4. We used it to analyse our route choices.

The group before the afternoon's route choice training session.

Dylan finishing the route choice training session.
Craig finishing the route choice training session.

The map above shows the morning's middle distance training. Routes: Craig (Red) and Alex's (Blue) routes. Alex, Dylan and Craig all made 17+ min mistakes on number 2.

Map above of route choice training session with routes marked by Alex (blue), Dylan (green) and Brad (orange). Everyone had much better results in the afternoon.

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peter hemer said...

Nice picture of you all. Sounds like you are getting some serious exercise.
Pity there is such a gap to the next event back home.
Lets see some comments from the girls